Throwing a Green Baby Shower

It’s no secret that the baby bump is the hottest fashion statement in Hollywood these days, couple that with the buzz about going green and it’s no surprise eco-friendly baby showers have become all the rage! Sheryl Crow’s green baby shower boasted locally grown wheatgrass as a party favor and organic cocktails, while Jessica Alba gave her guests gift bags provided by TastyOrganic (an organic baby food company). But you don’t need big time corporate sponsors or a starlet’s budget to host an eco-chic gathering.

Here are some of our favorite tips for throwing a green baby shower (even if the color of choice is pink or blue).

1. Invitations
Save a tree (and extra clutter in someone’s junk drawer) by sending email invites to your shower. has fabulous templates and they allow you to link to gift registries, favorite websites and see who has RSVP’d in real time!

If you really must send a paper invitation, look for a card that lives beyond the mail box, such as Seed Embedded Paper, that your guests can plant in their yards. Check out Green Field Paper Company for some beautiful, eco-friendly cards.

2. Decorations
Forget crepe paper streamers and latex balloons – these decorating ideas are fresh, hip and oh-so-eco-friendly! Depending on when you’re throwing your baby soiree, you can opt to decorate tables with potted plants and flowers that guests (or mom-to-be) can take home. And unless you have a completely black thumb, your potted plants will last way longer than cut flower bouquets.

Big bowls filled seasonal fruit (organic, of course) are a colorful and delicious way to brighten up the room! Think about ways you can make your gift serve double duty as decorations. String up a clothesline above the door with baby socks, cloth diapers, onsies and blankets blowing in the breeze. Choose all your “laundry” in coordinating colors to set the tone.

Build a diaper cake! The “cake” itself is created by stacking together disposable diapers (choose chlorine-free, eco-friendly ones). You can build as many layers as you want, creating a smaller circle of diapers for each level. Then, “frost” the cake by wrapping blankets or crib sheets around each diaper layer (secure with diaper pins). “Decorate” the cake by tucking in bottles, pacifiers, toys, socks, caps, bath products and other little treasures on each layer. And no, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull this off. Just Google “diaper cake” and you’ll get the idea of how to assemble it.

3. Food
You’re throwing a party for a pregnant woman and all her friends, so it goes without saying that the baby shower chow needs to be good. Of course you’ll want to choose local or organic, seasonal foods to set up the most delicious snacks your friends will nosh on. Pick a couple of appetizers or dishes you know your guest of honor craves and offer up a variety of beverages from organic lemonade to pomegranate martinis. Epicurious has a fun little section with menu and beverage ideas for throwing a green party.

Whether you’re hosting a sit-down luncheon or putting out a spread of crudités, be mindful of the waste associated with disposable dishware! Ditch the paperware and set out real plates, silverware and stemware. If you don’t have enough to go around, ask another friend to share her dessert plates for the cause. Set out cloth napkins for guests to use, or pick up a pack or two of organic cotton prefold diapers: they can double as napkins during the party and burp cloths for mom later.

4. Wrapping Gifts
Forgo traditional wrapping paper and bundle your gift up in a baby blanket, cloth diaper or crib sheet (secured with diaper pins), all of which becomes part of the gift. Instead of gift bags, pick up a reusable canvas shopping bag or Envirsax, line it with a baby blanket and stuff it with all your green goodies!

For more ideas, check out our Baby Gift Basket Suggestions.

A Baby Shower Alternative
Looking for a way to celebrate the mom who has everything? Invite a group of friends to cook up healthy, organic meals for the family to keep in the freezer for when the new baby comes. Just about every city in the US has at least one cooking center designed just for making healthy freezer meals (places like Simply Dish, Supper Solutions). They provide the kitchen, food and supplies – you bring the manpower. It’s a fun way for the girls to get together and it results in a valuable resource for the new mom! Many of these cooking centers offer organic products and can tailor your menu options for special diets.