Making the world a greener place – one baby at a time

HappyGreenBaby is an online baby boutique featuring the best in eco-friendly and sustainably produced baby clothes and baby gear. We handpick specialty organic baby and natural baby products from top quality brands, all with a commitment to lessening impact on the environment.

We are located in Draper, UT where we are inspired by the beautiful mountains & wildlife out our backyard. We are committed to preserving this beauty through the small decisions we make each day.

The idea for HappyGreenBaby was born from our friends who had an influx of babies coming into their lives. Friends and family across the country were becoming parents, and they wanted to share their passion for green living through the gifts they chose to give.

After the first few rounds of baby showers, it was quickly realized it was challenging to find a single place to shop for hip, eco-friendly baby gear that fit their friends’ styles. And so, they decided to start their own store filled with only the freshest baby clothes, gear and accessories from brands that are dedicated to using organic, sustainable or eco-friendly manufacturing practices. After was up and running the decision was made to sell the business to friends who had the same passion, and would continue making the world a greener place – one baby at a time.

We all know there’s nothing small about being a parent, and these days we’re faced with more decisions than ever. Happy Green Baby hopes to make it easier for you to discover eco-friendly options for you, your friends and your family.


At Happy Green Baby, we believe going green is all about taking baby steps. We know that no one is perfect; no one lives in a completely organic household and wears only eco-friendly clothes or composts every bit of food left on a plate. Instead, we’d like to think about green living as a lifestyle that evolves. Take your canvas bags to the market today. Try a cloth diaper tomorrow. When we make small changes every day to lessen our impact on the environment, we make a difference.

A good place to start making small changes is with the biggest change in your life: your new baby. Babies need a lot of stuff! Clothes, diapers, lotion and soaps, sheets … before long your home will be overflowing with tiny things. We think if you’re going to buying all the baby gear anyway, why not choose to buy organic cotton crib sheets, non-toxic teething toys, eco-friendly furniture instead of conventional? Make a green, sustainable choice with your baby purchases and you’ll make a difference in the health of the planet and your baby.

We also understand that not everything in your baby’s life is going to be the perfect eco choice. Strollers, car seats, baby bath tubs and other necessities are made with plastic, from new materials and you simply can’t avoid it. But we believe these choices can be made with a sustainable perspective: Buy items that are of the best quality you can afford to ensure the items last and can be passed on to other children, friends or family. Buying quality means you have a better opportunity to Reuse the item for years to come.

Organic: Whenever possible, buy the organic version of the product you are looking at. That goes for food, clothing, bedding and mattresses.

Non-toxic: This means the product is manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or those found in paints, glues and plastics. Especially important when you’re looking at crib mattresses and toys.

Eco-friendly: While not all fabrics and fibers can be called “organic,” those such as bamboo, hemp and soy are considered eco-friendly because their negative impact on the environment is less than conventional fibers. Many are grown without the use of chemicals, as well.

Sustainable: These are products that are manufactured with the environment in mind. Wood products should be responsibly harvested from renewable resources.

Reusable: High quality necessity items that can be passed down for generations, eliminating the need to buy newly manufactured goods.

Our Commitment to the Earth

HappyGreenBaby is committed to operating our business in a green, clean, eco-friendly way. Here are just a few of things we do to lessen our impact on the environment:

  • As a member of 1% For The Planet, we are pledging 1% of our total annual revenue to benefit environmental charities.
  • We reuse all of the boxes we receive merchandise in as shipping boxes for our customers! We hope our customers will reuse the box once again or recycle it.
  • We print everything on post-consumer recycled paper … and we reuse that paper, too! You might notice your packing slips have a recipe or letter printed on the back from a “previous life.”