Green Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Forgo all the wrapping paper, pastel gift bags and store-bought ribbons that will have to be trashed after the baby shower soiree. Instead, build a gift basket based on something the expectant parents will actually use! Here are some of our favs:

Diaper Doo-ty
Get the new parents ready for diaper duty by presenting a diaper pail filled with diapering necessities! Pick up a large diaper pail (with a lid) at a local purveyor of baby things (think big box, or better yet perhaps you have a locally-owned business you can support).

Fill the pail with anything that relates to diapering. Our suggestions:
  • Diaper Pail Liner / Laundry Bag
  • Cloth diapers
  • Prefold diapers (great for burp towels, too)
  • Baby wipes (try the flushable ones or go with a toxin-free version from Seventh Generation)
  • Organic diaper cream and talc-free baby powder
  • Bamboosa BambooBaby washcloths
  • Wet Bag (safely stashes dirty diapers, wet clothes, etc. while out and about).
  • A pack of chlorine-free, eco-friendlier disposable diapers from Seventh Generation. No matter what diapering system they are going with Ė itís always nice to have an emergency stash on hand.

    Diaper Bag
    When you present a Re-Run Diaper Bag (made of recycled soda bottles), youíll not only have the coolest gift bag, youíll also be giving the best gift at the shower (and who doesnít want that kind of recognition?).

    As if the diaper bag wasnít enough of a present consider throwing in a few little things to top it off:

  • Green-to-Grow BPA-free bottle
  • Little Twig Baby Travel Kit
  • Plan Toys Baby Ring Toy

    Feed the Monkey
    We know the little guy is going to be subsisting mainly on milk from mom for the first few months of life, but then what? Give the parents-to-be a head start on growing their organic baby with the finest in green eating supplies.

    Start with a reusable canvas shopping bag and load it up with:

  • Kee-Ka Monkey Burb and Bib set
  • Siliskin BPA-free glass bottles with funky silicone wrapper.
  • Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils
  • Boon Catch Bowl
  • Boon Snack Ball
  • Fresh Baby So Easy baby food making kit with recipe book and freezer storage trays.

    When we were babies, mom would fill up the sink with sudsy water and let us splish-splash away. Today, most new parents are investing in a little sink-top tub that safely lets baby freshen up. This is probably one of those items you canít avoid buying in plastic, but make up for it by filling the bath tub with healthy, organic items made for bath time fun.

  • Little Twig Organic bubble bath, body wash, lotion, diaper cream
  • Bamboosa BambooBaby Hooded Towel
  • Bamboosa BambooBaby Washcloths